Different examples of realized periodization

Even if training periodization answers to same basis, the error would be to simply duplicate what “worked” with a competitor and to propose the same plan to another one ! The strength of a periodization is to be unique and to allow any change during it course, as many things may occur. Here are some periodization basis done for specific athletes & specific purposes. Most of them changed during the time :

-          Young fencer periodization : was created for a 14 y.o. champion with 4 different peaks to reach

-          Canoeist periodization : was created for a national level canoeist coming back after an injury

-          Sprinter periodization : was created for a young sprinter of international level, aiming to go to the world champs

-          Olympic fencer periodization : was specifically realized for a fencer still qualified fo the Beijin Olympic Games but with a lack of conditioning

-          Rugby player periodization : was dedicated to a rugby player coming back to the field after 3 years of injuries. In this frame, the aim was reaching his peak for a selection camp in Australia while dealing with other personal obligations

-          Rugby school periodization : was created for an U15 rugby team preparing in the same time the school season, and a tour in Europe

-          Semi pro Rugby player periodization : is currently followed by a semi-pro rugby player in France. It is a second year preparation (medium loaded) over a 4 year training plan built to reach the peak performance in 2013.