What is This Website For?

Training Periodization has been mostly influenced by the researches and achievements of Professor Tudor Bompa, Ph.D, widely considered as the “father of modern sport training periodization” and with who we developed a special relation based upon respect and enthusiasm. Professor Bompa is one of the most eminent figure of sport development worldwide since the 1960′s and his lifelong work at the service of better athletes’ training will stay an example for all professionals forever.

Certainly the technical & tactical aspects of any training are very important, as well as the special abilities each competitor has to develop year after year. Nevertheless whatever his talent, nobody can reach constant & progressive high level results without being very much focused on avoiding under or overtraining, preventing injuries, recovering properly and getting peaks’ performance on the right time.

Periodization is the process of structuring training into phases to make continual improvements in performance throughout the year, thus avoiding reaching plateau during the different phases, and getting the best preparation for a competition series or a main event.

If some sports (mainly team’s one) and in some countries only, understand the absolute necessity of working in a specialists team with medical staff, tacticians, technicians, mental trainers and strength & conditioning coaches only a few of them integrate a training periodization expert.

In addition to this, at the forefront of the latest sport science application schemes, our expertise extends from designing young and junior athletes’ multilateral core motor skills development programs, to high performance training plans for elite athletes and team players at national or international level.

Due to his experience & graduations, Philippe PERINET has expertise on strength, speed & conditioning, and periodization to reach peaks performance. He also perfectly masters the use of electromyostimulation as a complementary and so powerful technique for dedicated strength & power workout, but also for a better & quicker recovery and rehabilitation, and to prevent most of injuries.

Therefore, this website will provide you training advises and will offer you different means to help your competitors/team to dramatically enhance their performances, through different consultancy contract with Philippe.